Meet the Teacher

My name is Lindsey Law. I am 25 years old, and I am a second year teacher in Kindergarten. Below is a little more information about me in and out of my classroom

My current kindergarten classroom/school/district:

  • I currently have a classroom full of 17, yes only 17, Kindergarteners. I began my year with 20, but several have moved due to several different circumstances, and although I have received a few new students here and there, I have still only ended up with 17. 
  • Our school district is a very technologically advanced district. All middle and high school students are 1:1 with MacBooks, while all fourth and fifth grade students are 1:1 with iPads. My kindergarten class, as well as the other K-3rd classes, has a class set of six iPads for my students to use. The most exciting part is that there is talks of the rest of us, K-3rd, becoming 1:1 with iPads next year. I am desperately hoping that finances come through and it is made possible because I love using the iPads to teach and for supplemental practice for my students.
  • Our district is also getting familiar with project based learning, aka PBL. Although I have not participated in any of the training thus far, I plan to get familiar with it in the future, and work on a team with several teachers who are currently engaged in the PBL training. Don't be surprised if my posts end up gearing more toward PBL in the future. 

My family:

  • I have a wonderful fiance, Alex, and golden retriever pup, Max, at home who support my love for education and teaching. I also have a loving, supportive mother whom I can thank every day for me being where I am today. 

My interests/hobbies:

  • I am a movie buff and music enthusiast. My main hobby would be crafting with my girlfriends during one of our bi-monthly Pinterest nights. I am a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan, but honestly, I am just a huge baseball fan. My favorite player is Skip Schumaker, who is now with the Cincinatti Reds. *sigh* I was born and raised a University of Kentucky fan as well, but to be honest, since teaching, I haven't really had the time or energy to keep up on the team this season. I am just ready for warm weather and some baseball after this horrific winter. 

My inspiration for teaching:

  • I had a wonderful teacher my first grade year, Mrs. Lasater. My grandfather passed away that year, and it had a huge impact on me. I will never forget her being up at the hospital for her daughter's surgery the same time that I was up there with my very ill grandfather. She made sure that she came to check on me and to see how I was doing. Seeing her show so much concern and compassion instantly put a smile on my face. She showed me that she not only cared about me while I was in her classroom as her student, but also when I was not in her classroom, and that had a huge impact on my perception of what a teacher was. A teacher wasn't just a person who taught you the information that you needed to be successful, but a teacher was also a person who truly cared about you. I decided that year while in her classroom that I wanted to grow up and be a Mrs. Lasater to my own classroom of kiddos each year. 
  • I also had a wonderful fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Chase, who showed me that learning could be fun. Up until that year, I enjoyed school primarily because there just wasn't anything about it that I didn't like. That year, I enjoyed school because I loved EVERYTHING about it. Mrs. Chase, and the student teacher we had that year, Ms. Gillespie, taught us through activities and social interaction opportunities rather than books, pencils, and paper. For the first time, I realized that learning opportunities are everywhere and that the most memorable learning experiences are the ones where we got out of our seats, and sometimes even out of the school, and interacted with our peers and worked together. I decided that year that I wanted to be the type of teacher who didn't follow everything by the book, and taught using fun, meaningful activities.