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Thanks for stopping by for the Indiana Teacher Blogger's Scare & Share blog hop. My name is Lindsey Law from Miss Law's Kinders, and I have the perfect freebie and $1 items just for you primary teachers. 

Let's start out with my freebie. This time of year, Kinders are just beginning to recognize the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. I have created a fun, simple matching game for your kiddos to practice their first sound fluency, letters, and sounds all in one! Perfect for Kinders and great review for First Graders. 

Not exactly what you need or you aren't a primary teacher? No worries! I created this product using my own Split Candy Corn clipart. Grab this extra clipart freebie, and create your own activity to meet your needs!

Now, on to my $1 items! 

Do your students love craftivities as much as mine do? I love craftivities, but only the ones that are made with the teacher in mind, and not just the students. What does that mean? Ever bought a product and it was in a bunch of pieces when it could have been more simplified so that there aren't so many pieces floating around for your kiddos to keep track of? All the time, right?! I always try to create crafts that have the least amount of pieces possible, I put all pieces that need to be copied in the same color on the same page so there is no confusion, and I make the directions quick and simple. My newest product is perfect for Halloween and is most definitely teacher/student friendly! 

Check out my Haunted House Glyph. Students will answer three simple questions on a recording sheet and will construct their haunted house based on their answers. Grab this just in time for Halloween and get it up on your walls! :) 

I realize that Fire Prevention Week was this past week, but my Fire Safety Literacy, Math, & Activities Pack is loaded down with literacy center activities, math center activities, an original Fire Safety book, three color by color words coloring sheets, and two fire related crafts. This pack is typically $4.50, but for you blog hoppers, it is $1 for these three days. Grab it now, use it later. 

Who doesn't love Pete the Cat, right? We do a Pete the Cat unit towards the beginning of the school year in my kindergarten classroom, and I created this activity to supplement the Pete the Cat story, 
I Love My White Shoes. We read the story and then brainstormed ideas of things we could step in that could turn our shoes different colors. We then did our writing of what we stepped in and what color it turned our shoes, colored the shoes the color from our writing, and then put the craft together. Talk about adorable... and SIMPLE! Remember what I said about making things teacher friendly? Here ya go again. :) Also, this is great for teaching cause and effect. I didn't go in depth with a cause and effect lesson with my Kinders, but you most certainly could with first or second grade. 

We always do a unit over healthy foods every year, so I created this math and literacy pack to supplement our unit. This pack is loaded down with center activities for both math and literacy. 

Now, continue on through our blog hop with Kinder Doodles to see what other goodies we all have in store for you. 

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  1. How do I get a copy of the pattern for the Pete the Cat Rocking School Shoes?? I click on it and it takes me to TPT but do not see it on there. Please email me.