It's a $1 Sale!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend in remembrance of the sacrifices our service men and women make and have made in the past. This weekend is a big weekend here in Indiana because it is also the Indianapolis 500, one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, race of the year for our state. I am joining tons of other other Indiana bloggers to throw a sale until tomorrow evening, and I have picked my favorite classroom items to discount to only $1!

Do you love chevron and chalkboard items as much as I do? I created this adorable number line that features the best of both worlds. It features the numeral, word, tally marks, base ten blocks, and tens frame with counters. Not doing chevron or chalkboard? That is fine, this will fit with almost any color scheme thanks to its many colored number cards. 

This A-Z D'Nealian styled letter banner features the ever so popular chevron and chalkboard and pictures that are aligned with Saxon Phonics. This will supplement any classroom decor and theme, and will help your students as they learn all about letters and sounds. 

Chevron themed numbers. This number line will be showing up in my classroom this year as part of my bird themed classroom, and I am so excited that I am trying to keep myself from putting them up these last nine days of school just because they are so bright and fun! Like the chevron and chalkboard numbers, it features the numeral, word, tally marks, base ten blocks, and tens frames with counters. 

This chevron A-Z D'Nealian number line is also aligned with Saxon Phonics and will also be going into my classroom next year. This year I had five, yes FIVE, days to get my room put together before students came through my door because the position was opened up at the last minute, obviously. That didn't allow time for me to browse options for decor and themes for my classroom, so I went with something I thought I would be able to throw together quickly enough that it would work and be cute. I went with a camping theme. It was great, and I really loved all the cute phrases I could come up with that went with camping and the way to decorate parts of my room, but halfway through the year, I realized, it was a very dull, dark room. Although I have two bright yellow walls, the other two navy blue walls sucked all of the brightness out of the room. Not to mention, my letter and number line, as well as my calendar set, is/was all brown. Perfectly themed and coordinated with everything else, but absolutely not bright and fun like I feel like kindergarten is. It just isn't my personality, and it has to change next year. So back to the letter banner... I created this to help add color and fun to my classroom, and I can't wait to get it hung up. 

If you are at all like me, there may be nine days left of school, but I am already in full on get-everything-ready-for-next-year mode with getting things printed out, laminated, and ready to be hung up. If you are preparing for your next school year and are looking for bright, fun letters and numbers, you should definitely grab yours here while you can for only $1!

Be sure to check out some of the other items that other Indiana bloggers have on sale today and tomorrow only. You can check out the other products by heading over to The Primary Gal's blog. :)


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