Five for Friday

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my first ever Five for Friday.

This week we ended our ongoing life cycles unit by finally releasing our butterflies. I say "finally" because our first set of larva (caterpillars) that were sent to my class were all dead and it took us a couple weeks to realize they weren't going to grow into our butterflies. My fellow teacher had the same thing happen, and she contacted the company and more were sent. Anyways, long story short, we got our new ones and within two weeks, bada-bing-bada-boom, we have butterflies. My students thoroughly enjoyed getting to release these beauties into nature. 

On Tuesday of this week, our student council put on a field day for our school. We had a great time participating in stations such as parachute, relay races, face painting, obstacle course, and a movie. Field Day is always a great day because it means the end of the school year is near! 

This year our school held our second annual Walk-A-Thon to raise money for our school. Students who raised certain amounts of money increments earned different levels of prizes. I had two students raise enough money to earn the "Torment Mr. Heath" party. Mr. Heath is our school principal, so I am sure you can imagine the excitement and fun these students had. Here are two pictured someone captured of my two students getting to help with duct taping Mr. Heath to the flag pole and then silly string him with the other kiddos who earned the party. 

So, probably my favorite part of the week is THIS...

What does this mean for me? This means that every kindergarten student that I have next year will have an iPad mini. What else does this mean for me? This means that I will be able to do things in my classroom that I never have been able to. These technological devices are going to provide some learning experiences that you just can't get with textbooks, and I am so proud that our district is moving forward in integrating technology into our classrooms. I. AM. EXCITED!

Our school had an inflatables party for students who had raised over $200. At the end of the day, after students had left the building, us teachers had to have our turn. (Teachers can have fun, too!) I literally don't know what I would do without these girls. They make my job just THAT much better. 

(Notice any familiar faces? That's right! Far right is Jena Hudson from Sew Much Music, then Brittany Banister from Mrs. Banister's Kindergarten Kids, and Liz Wimp from Mrs. Wimp's Firsties. I am far left next to a fellow Kinder teacher in our building, Amy.) 

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