Five for Friday-{Baseball & Derby Week}

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This week we celebrated two great things that are offered just on the other side of the Ohio River in Louisville, KY... Baseball & the Derby!

We began our week with learning about horses. We listened to books about horses on our iPads using the MyOn app. We then completed a can, have, are chart on horses. We ended by making adorable horses and writing one horse fact. 

Halfway through the week, we got more into the baseball part of our unit. I was even able to dress for the part and use my favorite Tervis cup. (I may or may not be crazy about the St. Louis Cardinals...)

We ate Crackers Jacks and graphed if we liked them or not. I couldn't believe everyone enjoyed them, but then again, I do have a class of eaters. 

We ended our day by going outside since it was so beautiful and playing some math baseball.

Here is what I did to play:
I found bases at the Dollar Tree and we split up into two teams. The "pitcher" of the fielding team has a stack of "baseball" which are actually paper plates with addition facts written on them. Each player from the other team comes up to "bat" and is shown a baseball. They get three tries, or strikes, to get the answer correct. (I also count to ten in my head, and if they haven't answered in those ten seconds, it counts as a strike.) If they do get it correct, they move to a base, and then the next player comes up. We did that until everyone had at least had a turn and then switched teams. I scored the game just like in a baseball game, one point for every person who made it all the way home. My students absolutely loved it and were begging to do it again tomorrow. We may play it with some CVC words tomorrow where I give them a word and they have to spell it correctly to get on base. So many ways to do it! :)

We also had graduation pictures this week. Only 25 more days of school with these sweet faces in my class. *tear* :( 

Yesterday, Thursday, I was out sick with a horrific migraine. When I came back in, I had the sweetest message on my board waiting for me. I am seriously getting depressed more and more with each passing day because I have to give these sweeties away.

Since the Kentucky Derby is this weekend, we talked about the hats that are always a must for women to wear to Churchill Downs. We looked at pictures of how extravagant some of them were, and then we created our own! I think we nailed the extravagant part!

We ended our day and our week by having our own horse race called "The Run for the Reese's." Students raced against each other in fours within our classes.

We were great spectators and cheered everyone on!

 After each group of four raced and had a winner, all of the winners raced against each other.

This sweet boy was the winner in our class of "The Run for the Reese's."

Check out that crown he won! (See why we call it "The Run for the Reese's?")

Then, just for fun, the winners from all three kindergarten classes raced against each other.

After all of the kiddos got their turns at racing, it was tradition that us teachers raced.

It was a great, but busy week. Next week I am super excited to do a space unit with my Kinders for the first year. We will also be celebrating Mother's Day.

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