Excitement in Room 103

Our weekly theme next week is one that I have been anticipating since the beginning of school. We will begin our study of life cycles. Why am I so excited about this theme, you ask? Well, we get to experience life in many different ways, and it is a great learning experience that can't come from any book. Next week we are going to be getting our own chicken eggs that we are going to hatch in our classroom in an incubator, we will be planting small plants to observe, and we will get to the life cycle of a butterfly and ladybug. Needless to say, its going to be an exciting week in our kindergarten classes!

Today we received a surprise a few days early. We got our ladybugs, our ladybug habitat, and our caterpillars! The kiddos were so excited! We didn't get to do much with our caterpillars yet, other than observing them in the cup they arrived in, and that was enough to make my kids happy. 

The caterpillars were a hit, but the ladybugs were an even bigger hit because we got to do more with them. When we got the habitat out of the box, we read the instructions on how to prepare it for the ladybug larvae and then we got busy. First, we had to put a few drops of water in the habitat because we learned that ladybugs love humidity. 

We then had to transport the ladybug larvae from the tube they arrived in with their nutritious food. This was quite the task because there was a little piece of paper inside of the tube as well, not sure why, but nonetheless, those larvae were stuck to that paper and did not want to come off! 

It all worked out though, and we will be monitoring the progress of our temporary classroom pets the next week, or until they are ready to be released. Next up, our baby chicks and our plants! No better time to be a Kindergartener, or a Kindergarten teacher! :) 

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