Monday Meet Me

I'm linking up again this Monday with The Teaching Tribune for Monday Meet Me. Today's post is going to be all about yours truly. 

Some other fun facts that you might like to know about me are:
-This past year my classroom was done in a camping theme. I am changing it up next year with a bright bird theme. I am extremely excited to get to finally decorate with all of the items I have been creating and accumulating the past couple months.
-This will be my last year teaching as Miss Law. Next school year I will be Mrs. Cazares. So. Stinking. Exciting!
-My hidden talent is jump roping. I was on a jump rope team for six years when I was growing up, and can still do every single trick to this day. (I may be just a bit more winded at the end now though. *sigh*)
-My favorite color is yellow.
-I love summer, but only because that means we are getting close to fall. I am slightly obsessed with all things fall. The smells, the food, the colors, etc.

Now, head over to The Teaching Tribune to meet some other absolutely wonderful teacher bloggers.

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