Attack of the Ninja Bunnies- $1 Sale!

I am so excited to announce that the ninja bunnies have visited my store and chopped the price of four of my favorite products down to ONE DOLLAR! Say whaaaaat?! Stock your cart full of all these wonderful $1 resources,  but hurry... the offer only lasts for the next two days! Here are the four products you can get discounted from my store. {You can visit my store and get further information regarding each product and to purchase by clicking on the picture of the product below.}

My Easter Bunny Rabbit Glyph is a huge hit with my students every year. The glyph is easy to folow and the pieces are made super simple for teachers to copy and students to cut and paste. We are excited about celebrating Easter this week in my classroom, and we will most definitely be making these adorable bunnies one day!

I created this unit particularly for the week that my class learns about the controlled r. We will dress up like pirates one day that week and do centers from this adorable pirate themed pack. This will be my first year having centers to go along with our "ar" day, so I'm super excited!

Going to the farm is one of my favorite things to do in Kindergarten. In May every year, our local 4H invites us to a farm and teaches us all there is to know about farming. I think I enjoy the field trip just as much as my students do. Last year I created this Farm Literacy & Math Pack to provide farm themed centers the week of our farm trip. 

Although I'm unsure if we will be able to fit in an ocean unit for an entire week this year due to snow days, I will be finding time to explore the deep depths of the ocean with my kiddos before the school year is over. Both literacy and math ocean themed center packs included in this are perfect for making my own little school of fish inspired to learn all about the ocean.

Now that you see what the ninja bunnies have attacked, go and grab them up for only 100 pennies right now!

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