Tricky Lil' Leprechauns

My class LOVES to do graphs. I am not entirely sure why, but every week that we have graphs involved, they get really into it. Today was no different. In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, we used the Lil Country Librarian's leprechaun graph. 

We began with a discussion on whether we have been tricked by a leprechaun before or not. If they said yes, they got a pot of gold piece to put on our chart. If they said no, they got a rainbow piece to put on the chart. The pack came with a graphing paper to supplement our group chart and to analyze our data.

While doing the graph, I, of course, was receiving all sorts of stories of how leprechauns had tricked some of my students. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to get them to write! I passed out our writing journals and told my class to write about if they have been tricked by a leprechaun or not. If they had been tricked, they had to write what the leprechaun did. If they hadn't been tricked, they had to write what they would do if a leprechaun was trying to trick them. I got some wonderful responses. Those leprechauns sure can be tricky little fellas. ;)
"I have been tricked. He 'stilled' (stole) my baby doll."

"I have been tricked. He woke me up."

"I have been tricked. He said that the water was on."

There are still a couple days to grab this leprechaun graph from Teachers Pay Teachers to do with your kiddos. Hopefully they'll enjoy it as much as my class did.