Class Play- {The Wide Mouthed Frog}

This past Friday, we performed our class play by Heidi Songs, "The Story of the Wide Mouthed Frog." The play was absolutely precious, and I am so incredibly proud of how well my Kinders did. I wanted to share with you some pictures from the play.

The characters in the play were:

Wide Mouthed Frogs




& a Crocodile

"The Story of the Wide Mouthed Frog" goes a little something like this.

The Mother Wide Mouthed Frog and her babies went in search of food to feed her babies.

They came across Elephants, Monkeys, and Lions and asked them what they feed their babies. The Mother Wide Mouthed Frog realized that she can't feed the same things to her babies, and continues to search for the best possible food. 

 That is, at least, until they came across a Crocodile. Mother Wide Mouthed Frog quickly realized the mistake she had made by talking to the Crocodile when he tells her that he feeds his babies Wide Mouthed Frogs. 

After the scare of getting eaten by the Crocodile, the Wide Mouthed Frogs all returned home and never left again. 

This play ends with an adorable song that all of the characters sing together.

I highly recommend Heidi Songs Primary Plays such as this one for your own Kinders. Each play is able to accommodate all class sizes, and is simple enough for the younger kiddos to perform.

If you are interested in doing this play in your own class, click the picture below to visit the Heidi Songs website to purchase the license, or you can click here to see all of the primary plays she has to offer.

Also, the costumes for this play were a piece of cake. I was able to find the masks for each character on the Silhouette Design Store, and I was able to quickly print them using my friend's Silhouette and then laminated and cut. I added some string and asked parents to have their child wear the color of their character to school for the play, and voila! Parents didn't have to search for expensive costumes, and I didn't have to really worry about any of my students not having a costume on the day of the play because no matter what, I had the masks for them. 

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