Five for Friday-{Wrapping Up a Fun Week with Butterflies}

It's that time again, folks! I'm linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

If you follow my blog at all, you know that this past week has been our oviparous animal life cycle theme study. We spent one day this week learning all about what oviparous animals are, one day learning all about the life cycle of frogs, two days learning about the life cycle of chicks and hatching our very own chicks in class, and today we studied the butterfly life cycle. We began our study of the butterfly life cycle by reading two books, Butterfly by Susan Canizares and How to Hide a Butterfly & Other Insects by Ruth Hellers. The book Butterfly was a good introduction into what the butterfly life cycle looked like and how it went, while the How to Hide a Butterfly & Other Insects book was more for entertainment purposes because it talks about how insects use camouflage and the kids loved looking for the insects that were hidden on the pages. 

Can you find the butterfly hidden on this page? 

We also had our Scholastic weekly reader that was all about butterflies that we read. We learned a new vocabulary word, symmetrical, and did a short craft to reinforce the term.

 For the craft, we folded a piece of paper in half...

 drew half of a butterfly...

Cut the half of the butterfly out with the paper still folded, and then opened it up to find that it was a full butterfly!

 We then took paint and painted a design on one side...

 folded the paper again...

 and, voila! A perfectly SYMMETRICAL butterfly.

After reading the books, we turned to our iPads to create our own digital book of the butterfly life cycle using the Book Creator app. Notice how the students used their new learning of symmetrical when drawing their butterflies! I am one proud Kinder teacher right now!

{The Book Creator app has endless possibilities as far as uses in the classroom, and making a book is just one obvious one. If you have any devices in your classroom, I highly recommend this app!}

After last recess on Fridays, I most typically have some sort of snack to give my students. We are so busy during the other days of the week with that we don't have time to implement a snack on any other days other than Friday, so Foodie Friday has become a norm for us in room 103. Today our snack was all about the butterfly life cycle. {Thank you once again, Pinterest!}

Here is what I bought for the snack activity. 
*Pepperidge Farm Pretzel Thins... they are in the shapes of butterflies!!!! I'm not sure if they typically come this way, or if it is a seasonal thing, but I was super pumped either way.
*Kroger brand sour gummy worms 
*A bag of the Tootsie Rolls (not the long ones, but the small, normal sized ones.)
*Great Value brand mini marshmallows.

I passed out their life cycle paper plates and put one of each snack in the middle of the plate.

 Then they had to put them in the correct order of the butterfly life cycle.

The finished product...

We also FINALLY got our caterpillars in from Insect Lore, and they couldn't have come on a more perfect day than the day we were learning about the butterfly life cycle. The class was excited to see some silk inside the cup of caterpillars after we had just learned that they made their chrysalis' out of silk they make, similar to a spider.

Can you spot the silk?

Phew, what a week! I have thoroughly enjoyed the past two weeks of learning and craziness. I sure am looking forward to this weekend though. I hope all of you have a great weekend!


  1. Absolutely LOVE that life cycle snack! I'm pinning it!

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  2. Neat hidden butterfly book I hadn't seen before. And the snack is a great idea. We did butterfly art, too. I'll post as soon as we get them up. See you around. Kathleen
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