Oviparous Animal Life Cycles-{Day 1: Frog Life Cycles}

Today we began our week long Oviparous Animal Life Cycles unit. This is always such an exciting unit because students get to witness some life cycles in the classroom, and that makes it an exciting unit for me to teach. 

We began our unit today by studying the life cycle of frogs. I opted to not have tadpoles in my classroom this year, mainly due to the smell of them, so I found some great videos on YouTube for my class to watch so they could see real pictures of the stages in the life cycle of a frog. Here are two videos that I showed.

{This first video is a short, quick reference to the stages in the frog life cycle. This kid does a great job of explaining the stages, and my class enjoyed that they were learning this from another kid. I even had some say they wanted to make videos like him when it was over.}

{This second video is long, but completely worth it. It doesn't miss a beat on the development of these frogs from their eggs.}
After we watched these two videos, we discussed the stages in the frog life cycle and made these fun and easy life cycle frogs. Click here to get this craftivity for yourself.

 Here is the finished product.

When you flip up the mouth, there are four tongue "pages" with a stage of the frog life cycle on each one.

Want this for your class? Click here to check it out in my TPT store.

Tomorrow we will continue on with talking about frogs. We will also begin talking about what oviparous animals are and will read the book Chicken Aren't the Only Ones by Ruth Heller.

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