Plant Life Cycles Unit-{Day 3}

Here is how day three of our plant life cycles went...

We began our theme study by watering our marigold seeds we planted yesterday.

We followed up by completing these adorable flower crafts.

I then introduced the life cycle of a bean sprouting by using this activity from Caitlin Clabby from Kindergarten Smiles.

Then came the much anticipated bean "planting" activity.

The following items were needed for this activity:
*a roll of paper towels (the more absorbent, the better)
*sandwich size ziploc baggies
*a pack of beans (we used garden beans)
*construction paper to be made into a house (optional)

I started by tearing apart enough sheets of paper towels for each of my students.

I then gave each student one sheet of paper towel, a baggie, a bean, and a color of construction paper of their choice.

They began by cutting out their "house" from the construction paper. 

I wrote their name on their houses and allowed them to decorate them while I called groups over for the next couple steps.

After they finished cutting their houses out, they brought me their paper towel and their baggie. I folded their paper towels in half, and then in half again.

Then, I got the entire paper towel wet and squeezed out a little bit of the water.

I then placed the wet paper towel into their baggies, and I had them put their bean in between the wet paper towel and the baggie.

Then, I stapled their baggie to the backside of their house.

The final step was to tape them to my large window in the classroom for us to sit back and observe. 

This is my first time doing this activity, and with the help from one of my teaching partners, Goni, I was able to get it done fairly easily. Now, I'm excited to see them sprout! 

I will update as our beans begin to sprout and as our marigold begin to bloom.

Tomorrow will be my last day doing plant life cycles with my Kinders because our district will be holding our annual Kindergarten Roundup on Friday, so I will be out for that. I'm excited to finish up the unit with tomorrow's activity. On the agenda for tomorrow: growing grass. :)

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