Plant Life Cycles Unit-{Day 4}

We began day four of our plant life cycles unit by writing in our journal four things that plants need to live, survive, and thrive. After writing their sentence, they had to draw a picture of a plant with the four essential things in the picture. We have been working really hard on adding details, and I think they nailed it!

We ended our plant life cycles unit today by planting grass seed in these face cups. I gave students eyes, a nose, and several mouth choices to choose from. They colored, cut, and pasted them onto their clear cups, and made their own little "people plants." I LOVE how these turned out!

When the grass grows long enough, I'm going to let my students cut and style the "hair" of their people plants.

I was a little sad for this unit to come to a close today, and that I had to cut it a day short because of having to be out of the classroom tomorrow for Kindergarten Roundup, but it sure has been fun and memorable.

Next week we will begin our oviparous animal life cycles units by hatching chicks and observing caterpillars turning into butterflies. I'm really looking forward to sharing all of it with you! Have a great weekend!

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